li.fe – Identity

My personal brand identity consisting of logo, CV, cover letter and business cards.

Öland Workbook

Workbook showing the creative process during a course in visual communication at Linnaeus University.


Vinyl cover for the EP “Howling” by Ry X and Frank Wiedemann.

Self portrait

This is a self portrait I made as part of a creativity challenge. It’s meant to illustrate my different interests and likes, as well as some of my personality traits. Each room was decorated and photographed separately.

Heart&Soul is a fictional jewelry company where the main goal is to put heart and soul into every piece of jewelry and deliver high quality products at affordable prices.


Logo design for Heart&Soul, a fictional jewelry company.

Girl on cross

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande, Brazil. Photography to me is about being at the right place at the right time. The joy of finding and capturing random moments like these is priceless.